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Why Being Single Is Healthy

Yes, I am Single and I am Totally healthy! Granted studies have shown that there are some real and tangible health benefits to being married or coupled up, ladies (and gentlemen) I am here to let you know that being single is not a bad thing, it isn’t taboo either. In fact, being single is healthy and here's why:

1. More time to work on you without the guilt

When you are in a committed relationship, there are certain expectations. For example, fair compromise. Relationship experts say you cannot have a solid relationship without it, granted we are not compromising our core essential selves. A lot of the times, however, that leaves us women at the short end of the stick. We compromise careers, hobbies, friends and the like for the men we love, much to our own destruction and sometimes eventually the destruction of the relationship itself. “Nice girls” particularly tend to give up or give in to their partners because they feel guilty wanting to go out and do things for themselves. According to lifeadvancer.com if you have difficulty saying "no", or neglect your needs because you don’t want to upset others then you are a ‘nice girl’ and it is not a good thing. But guess what, when you are living the single life, there is no such thing as fair compromise because there is no one to compromise with! That therefore means you have the time to do all the things you love and that bring you joy. You can focus selfishly on you and only you. No need for permission or a discussion you just do it. In fact, this type of exercise increases your self-love and the more you learn to do this the better equipped you will be when the right relationship comes around, but until then go love yourself girl!

2. Freedom to socialize more and build stronger friendships

Being single allows you the freedom to socialize. I am sure you may have experienced friends you have put your friendship on the back burner because of their partner or relationship. In fact maybe you have been guilty of doing that yourself. When you are single however, you can focus on spending more time with the friends you already have and fostering even stronger bonds or you can go out and make new ones. Studies have shown, that "good friends are good for your health". In fact according to mayoclinic.com positive friendships have lots of health benefits, such as increasing your sense of belonging and purpose, boost your happiness, and helping you cope with traumas like a divorce or loss pf a job. Studies have also shown, that single people are able to build stronger social networks which help them develop more as individuals.

3. Single people tend to be more fit

Research has shown, that although there are lots of health benefits that come with marriage and coupling up, there was definitely a difference in weight between those who were married and those who were single. In terms of BMI, single men and women of average height weighed over 2kg less than the married men and women who were researched. The research also showed that postmenopausal women who remained single during the course of the study gained less weight, drank less alcohol and had a greater decrease in diastolic blood pressure. Studies have also shown, that single people exercise more than married people. Divorced people also exercise more than married people do, but not as much as their single counterparts.

4. Sparks creativity and boosts productivity In a National Survey of Families and Households, it was found, that singles as opposed to married people were more likely to agree that:

- Life has been a continuous process of learning, changing, and growth.

- It is important to have new experiences that challenge how you think about yourself and the world.

As a result, single people who have more time to dedicate to self growth and personal growth are able o focus on their development, engage in tasks and projects that contribute to their overall life purpose. They pursue interests and hobbies that they have always wanted to try without the expectations and responsibilities that come with being in a relationship.

5. You get to roll and tumble freely in your bed at night

My personal favorite! After being married for five years one of the things I missed the most was going to sleep in my own bed alone. I missed being able to roll and tumble freely. I also hated the fact that we both had our own "side" of the bed, which meant I was restricted to my own little section and dared not venture outside of it. Not to mention having to share the covers or blanket. Like really? If I tossed and turned throughout the night I had to be conscious of "stealing" the covers from my partner. Now that I am single again, I revel in my own bed and my own sheets free to roam and tumble as I please once again. Ahhhh such bliss!

Single? Tell me some of your own positive experiences. Leave a comment. I love hearing from you!

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