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Throw Out the Resolutions: Make 2020 About Staying the Course

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

For the past couple of years, I have had a totally different perspective on what it means to ring in the New Year. Maybe it was my newfound life at the time, or maybe I got just as fed up as everyone else with making resolutions that I can never seem to keep. According to an article featured on Inc.com, 80% of us will fail to achieve our New Year's resolutions. Based on this statistic the odds are against us. So, when I really sat down and thought about it, as I prepared to ring in 2018, I published a blog post entitled Set Goals, Not Resolutions and boy did that pick up some steam with you readers. Then, I wanted to change the focus from resolution-wishing to actual goal-setting because I felt strongly that it was easier to set an actual goal and accomplish it. Now two years later however, my take on ringing in the New Year has evolved even further.

As I sit here trying to think about all the things I want to accomplish for 2020, I also thought about all the things that I did accomplish over the last 12 months and those goals that are still in the making. I don't want to negate nor mitigate all the hard work I put in for 2019 just because there is a cultural hype attached to bringing in a New Year. I don't want to start something new for the sake of starting fresh or beginning anew. What if I am satisfied with the life I lived in 2019? Do I just let that go because the year has come to an end? I don't think so. As exciting as it is to ring in a New Year, it is just as exciting to reflect on the fantastic and accomplished year you may have had and focus on how you want to continue that and maybe just step things up a couple notches. With that being said, maybe ringing in the New Year can also be about continuity and not just about new beginnings and fresh starts.

Rather than starting new goals or pulling insanely unachievable resolutions from a hat, focus on all the great things you did this past year and how you can build on that or keep the momentum going. The number 2020 is full with meaning. Use the symbolism of this number to help you stay the course and finish the things you started and accomplish the goals you set and see them into fruition. According to www.angelnumber.org, because many numbers actually make up the number 2020 it requires a look at them all to fully understand its symbolism. For example, the number 2 stands for cooperation and duality, while the number 0 symbolizes eternity and infinity, and the number 202 speaks to being positive even during difficult times.

In it's more obvious interpretation 2020 speaks to vision and clarity. Symbolically 2020 is a year for being sharp, thinking on your feet and being laser focused on the things you plan to achieve. Visual acuity will be paramount to your continued success this year. Planning and goal-setting will help you stay the course and keep the momentum going. Be clear about what your next steps are by writing them down or creating a vision 2020 board. I personally like vision boards because it keeps your plans always within sight and acts as a constant reminder of the path you are on. Use a daily planner. My personal favorite is the Productivity Planner by www.intelligentchange.com. As a busy mom, it's easy to get distracted or side-tracked by life's ups and downs and constant demands and this daily planner helps me to prioritize and stay on-track with vital tasks that I need to accomplish.

So if you are anything like me, and feeling good and positive about the last 12 months of your life then simply stay on-track and keep doing what you've been doing, because clearly it's working. How does that saying go? If it aint broke don't fix it? So, yes! I will definitely be staying on course and taking all the wins from 2019 into making 2020 my best year yet and so should you!

Happy New Year and a Blessed 2020 to you all!!!

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