• Betti Wilson

Fun Ideas for a Family Game Night

Description: No matter whatever the age groups are in the family, spending some family time is always a big part of the bonding. While everyone at the house is always caught up with something, bringing them together is paramount. Hence a game night with fam can be very warming.

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Weekend night, the entire family goes idol. What’s better than grabbing this situation, bringing everyone together, and calling it a family game night? Playing and having a light-hearted quality time with family is an all-time stress reliever. Not to forget, these games always improves bond among everyone and makes crazy memories.

The rush of the bustling world never lets anyone relax in calm. Moreover, with the onset of mobile phones, nobody has time for anyone in the family as everyone stays locked in front of the screens. Hence to unlock it, here are certain board game suggestions to making it to a stunning and memorable fun night with the family.

  • Board Games

  1. Crossword – A good game of scrabbles or crosswords can set the mood for a fun night. In a way, it can be a very productive session too as you can evaluate the word power that each of your family members possesses along with the formation of some very silly words leading to a good laugh!

  2. Monopoly – Perfect for a board game night, monopoly wins hearts when played with family or even friends. Get ready to buy and trade properties, houses, and hotels while playing and let the night memories weave!

  3. Pictionary – This can be one of the most amusing night games! Not everyone is good at drawing but when asked to they can give us anecdotes to laugh our hearts out.

  4. Puzzle – Make teams in the family and assign them different puzzles to solve and bind them in a period! For toddlers assigns them puzzles from top rated baby products. This will be fun, I promise!

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  • Active Games

  1. Charades - Best for a night pastime, charades is everyone’s favorite! Make chits of some movies and jumble them in a bowl. One by one pick a chit and express the name of the movie but the twist in the story is that you cannot say anything.

  2. Karaoke – You can’t have a family of all singers or do you? Karaoke is one of the most suitable as a game night idea. Whoever matches the lyrics of the songs and doesn’t go offbeat gets the point and the one who does not gives several reasons to laugh at the night fun.

  3. Bingo – Bingo becomes much more fun when everyone places even a small amount of money at stake. If your card matches all the numbers being called out faster than everyone else then you win and get all the money.

  4. Jenga –Never thought that arranging small pieces of wooden blocks can make the night game so much fun and anticipating. Stack up all the wooden blocks and then the fun begins. Turn by turning a member has to displace one Jenga from the stack assuring that the other Jengas don’t fall, otherwise they will have to perform a dare.

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  • Rules and Requirements

  1. Choosing the game by a majority – Always choose the pastime by taking votes of your family members. Whatever the majority decides, go by that to avoid arguments at the time of family bonding.

  2. Allot rewards for each game – Make the game night more desirable by allotting rewards along with winning every game. The reward can be chocolates, toys, movie tickets, a day off from school, or an extra hour to play during the weekdays.

  3. Game night snacks – Tasty snacks set the impetus for a game night. Coke, chips, sandwiches, sausages are loved by everyone and that will automatically attract them to the game night.

  4. No use of cell phones – Using cell phones during family time destroys the will to be a part of it. Hence, all the family members should keep in mind that the use of cell phones should be prohibited during the game night.

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Game night with family is the best time for family bonding. All age groups should participate in it. Throughout the weekend’s rush giving time to your family is a little tricky hence; to compensate, a weekend family night game would be enough. Therefore, through these family night game ideas, creating memories in the night game can be a very effective exercise.

Author’s bio: Betti Wilson is a freelance author, but, what’s more important, what she is really devoted to, is her children. In her articles, she shares her own experience and writes about parenthood, lifestyle, family challenges, and how to deal with them without losing a positive attitude.