• Shermain Jeremy

COVID-19 Health Tip: When To Wash Your Hands

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

So there is a lot of talk about washing your hands with soap and water in order to help stave off the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. There is a lot of information about how to wash your hands but not so much as to when are the best times to actually do so. I've done some research and created an infographic to help you remember.

1. Wash your hands as soon as you enter your home. This also includes when first entering your workplace as well. That is for those of you like me who are still working of course. Health professionals are also advising that you also remove your clothes at the door and place your handbags, keys and phone in a box before entering your home.

2. Wash your hands before, during and after cooking. Clean hands when preparing food are key for avoiding the spread of the virus should it be in your home. Recent studies have shown that the virus can live on surfaces for an extended period of time. So be sure to not only wash your hands but also disinfect all your kitchen counters before, during and after cooking as well. See this infographic put together by Mesdcape and posted on their instagram page.

3. Wash your hands after using the toilet. This one really needs no explanation, but I know the challenges you may have with this one if you have younger kids. Now with our children at home or at work with us it's crucial that we invigilate their bathroom activities and ensure they are adhering to proper hygiene practices.

4. Wash your hands before and after you eat. This is important so that your hands are always clean before you eat. By doing this, we avoid germs and viruses getting into our food and into our bodies.

5. Wash your hands after handling garbage. Garbage bags and bins often have leftover food that can breed all sorts of harmful bacteria, germs and of course viruses. After handling garbage be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and wiping down your garbage bins with Lysol and Clorox from top to bottom often