• Shermain Jeremy

8 Fun & Sexy Ways Single Moms Can Celebrate Valentines Day

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

It's "love season" again, where almost everywhere you turn you see hearts and cupids and yes, chocolates. So what does a single, non-dating mom do while everyone is celebrating Valentine's Day with their significant other? You love-up on yourself! BIG TIME! Here are 8 Fun & Sexy Ways Single Moms Can Celebrate Valentines Day.

1. Buy some lingerie

If you are a mom like me, it is VERY possible that your dating and "love-life" is probably non-existent. Well I am here to tell you that's ok! but it does not mean that you can't make yourself feel and look good. You would be surprised how incredibly sexy and beautiful going to bed in pretty, lacy sleepwear will make you feel. Make a night out if it. Put the kids to bed, take a warm shower, light your favorite scented candle, pour yourself a glass of wine and simply enjoy a quiet sexy evening with yourself. Take it even further and take your mind off everything by turning on Netflix and catching up on one of your favorite tv shows. Here are some of my favorite lingerie pieces. Man not required. Go Indulge Mama!

2. Splurge on something fun!

If there has been a special item that you have had your eyes on for some time and you've been contemplating getting it, now's the time to treat yourself. Maybe a perfume or handbag? or maybe you have been meaning to upgrade your wardrobe or buy a new car, or maybe eat at a popular 5-star restaurant?. Now, don't get me wrong, a splurge could be at varying price points for everyone. To splurge doesn't mean purchasing something and then not being able to pay your bills after, so please splurge responsibly! Here are some of my personal splurge-worthy items. Go for it mamas! You deserve it!

3. Get a Beauty/Skin Consultation

A beauty or skin consultation can go a long way especially as you get older. Understanding your skin type can identify your unique skin qualities and needs and help put together a thorough regimen that will give you longterm results. This Valentine's treat your skin to some TLC. Regular facials are known to not only exfoliate the skin but also renew and refresh your skin. Try your local spa or try one of my favorite beauty spots like Sisley Paris in New York on Vessey Street.

4. Plan a girls night (with other single friends of course)

While couples are busy making dinner plans, grab your single gal pals and plan a night out on the town for Valentine's Day. Pick a fun theme or color to play with and make it a night at your favorite lounge or restaurant. Get sexy and let your hair down and celebrate each other and have a Happy Galentine's Day! #galentinesday

5. Upgrade your bedding

Nothing feels more cozy and comforting for a single girl like a well-made bed adorned with beautiful sheets. Another fun and sexy way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to simply purchase some new bedding. Not only will it uplift your room and space but also your spirits. Wrap yourself in your new comforter before putting yourself to bed on "love night".

6. Plan Something Special with Your Kids

Valentine's Day does not have to be all about intimate relationships. Inf act, I think that Valentine's Day should be about celebrating all forms of love and that includes celebrating the love you have for your children. As a single mom, it is so easy to become caught up with the million and one things we have to do and sometimes the little things get lost in translation. Use this Valentine's Day to bond with your children by spending some QT with them. No phones, no tablets, no TV just enjoying each other's company. Try playing a board game like monopoly or jenga both found on amazon. Cook a fun dinner and sit around the table together and enjoy some great conversation. These are the types of moments that I guarantee will make a difference in yours and your children's lives.

7. Buy Yourself Some Chocolate Covered Strawberries

As you spend time at home with yourself this Valentine's Day another sexy and yummy way to indulge in some self-love is by enjoying some chocolate covered strawberries, a classic treat for Valentine's Day lovers. Make them yourself or purchase a set from my favorite chocolatier Godiva.

8. Purchase Some Inspiration

As a part of your self-loving experience this Valentine's Day, another fun way to celebrate is with some inspiration. This cute fill-in-the-love journal on amazon can make an fun and inspiring way to celebrate Valentin's Day and makes for a wonderful exercise in self awareness and self-love. Instead of making the book about someone else, write all the things you love about yourself and see what you learn about you.

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day? Leave a comment!