• Shermain Jeremy

8 Mom-Friendly Travel Gear for Infants and Kids

Having been in the travel industry for most of my life, I enjoy traveling, especially in the summer. Now that I have kids however, planning for travel has gotten a bit complicated. In fact, it can be darn right trecherous without proper planning and the the right gear. Here are some of my tried and tested, mom-friendly travel gear for infants and babies if you plan to travel with the entire family.

1. The b.box baby bottle is a one-stop baby feeding machine. It is stylish, practical and effective. Although it looks like a regular bottle, it also includes a formula dispenser. This makes for easy on-the-go feedings and eliminates having to travel with a formula dispenser and a water bottle or flask. Everything is basically all-in-one baby travel gear. The curved design is also an anti colic feature, which is another great plus!

2. A toddler car seat and luggage traveling strap is a life saver, particularly with air travel. This is perfect for the parent who dreads traveling with a bulky car seat or two. You can attach your strapped toddler to your carry-on luggage for stroller-free check-in. It is also a much better option than having your kids loose and running around a crowded airport. If you paid for a seat for your toddler, and the car seat is plane-friendly then you can carry it on-board with you. If not, you can check it in at the gate.

The Extendable Travel Bottle Brush was actually something I wished I had thought of the first time I traveled with my girls. Making sure their bottles are clean is so important for their health and hygiene when on the go. Now that I own one, I don't go anywhere without it. The extendable brush fits securely in its own travel case and barely takes up any space.

4. I found this Large Kids Travel Tent on amazon. Although it is a bit challenging to set up and close, once you get the hang of it, it's a really great bed, play tent or bug protector for your kids. I not only traveled with this internationally, but we also take it to grandma's house and when we travel domestically as well. This is a great versatile travel gear for families.

5. All Position 360 Ego Baby Carrier. After trying almost every baby carrier on the market, I found the Ego Baby to be the best by far. This carrier sports 4 different carrying positions which I love. Besides that though, the biggest plus with this carrier is how comfortable it is to wear. No pinching my shoulders and back. Also, the make is very durable and I was able to use it with both my girls. This is a must if you are traveling with both a baby and a toddler because it offers comfortable, hands-free travel. Definitely a can't-do-without travel gear for kids.

6. Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray. My 3 year old is going on 4 and is what you will call an extremely active toddler. I am alwys finding ways to keep her busy and on a long flight or drive, I need as much help as I can get. This travel tray is the perfect travel gear because it is easy to take on and off, leaves plenty room for snacks, activities and utensils and light enough to be carried on your little one's back as a backpack.

7. Summer Infant Travel Bed. This compact travel bed, was one of those items I did not have but wished I did. When I travelled with my 2 month baby on an international trip for vacation, I told myself she would just sleep with me. Well boy was I wrong. The first morning even after propping pillows and sleeping beside her my precius baby took a horrifying tumble from the queen size bed, even though I was lying directly next to her. It was one of my ost terrifying and guilty moments. Luckily the thick carpet buffeted her fall, but that did not stop my little one from crying tears of anguish. This ravel bed can be folded into a shoulder bag, is light and very portable. You can keep it next to you or lay her on a flat low surface for extra safety. Always keep your baby safe. This baby travel gear is a MUST!

8. Travel AID Folding Portable Potty Training. Traveling with a toddler who is being potty trained? Have no fear. This portable potty seat is perfect for avoiding that nasty public toilet seat in the bathroom. What's even better is that it folds and can be stored in your handbag or carry-on luggage easily.

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