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3 Reasons Amazon Prime Wardrobe Is Every Busy Mom's Dream

Rolled out as a test in June of 2017, clearly this marketing idea has worked and Amazon plans to cash-in as they continue to be the leading innovator in e-commerce to date. This move was intended to increase retail sales on the mega-giant's site and it is a move that is going to work, particularly with busy moms. Here's why!

1. Convenience

The biggest plus for Prime Wardrobe is convenience. Busy moms can now shop from their phone or desktop, choose any number of pieces they like and have it shipped directly to their door in 1 - 2 days. You have 7 days to try on and decide what you want to return. You only pay for those items you keep and returns are free. Amazon includes a prepaid label with your package so returns are super simple. It does not get any easier than this!

2. Family Shopping Experience

Prime Wardrobe prides itself on offering great brands at great prices for the entire family! You can shop for yourself, the hubby and the kids as part of this membership. A wide variety of shoes, clothing and accessories are available. You can even purchase for baby!

3. A Prime Member Benefit

If you are already a Prime Member (which most people are) then Prime Wardrobe is included in your membership, so there are no additional fees for being a part of this new offer, so take advantage of it now!

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