• Shermain Jeremy

5 Must-Have's for Moms That Make Life Easier With Baby


Getting ready for baby is exciting, but it can also be incredibly stressful. There are so many products and gadgets to choose from and it can become extremely overwhelming. My first go around with baby, I definitely over did it a bit. A lot of the things I bought were not 100% necessary. Because of this trial and error phase, things with baby number 2 ran so much smoother and in turn much less stressful and a lot less expensive!. Today's #TipTuesday post will drill down on my top 5 things that you absolutely must have as a new mom. The other stuff, well..it's just fluff!

Panda Compact Mini Washer and Spinner

1. Panda Mini Washing Machine

I actually purchased this mini washing machine way before my baby was born. I used it to wash all the new clothing I had bought and received as gifts. It became my ultimate best friend! This thing may be "mini" but it is very powerful and compact enough to fit into small spaces. It washes clothes clean and the spinner leaves wet clothes almost dry. Another great thing about this mini washer and spinner is that it saves you a trip to the laundry and eliminates any fears you may have about washing your precious baby's clothes in a public washer and dryer. Having the option to wash your babies clothes at home (yes, even the poopie onesies are cleaned to perfection) frees up time and is so much more hygienic for your newborn.

2. The Ergo Baby 360 Carrier

So, what I looove about this baby carrier is finally someone thought about mommy's comfort! All the other baby carriers did a number on my back and particularly my shoulders and that just doesn't work especially if you are multi-tasking with another baby/toddler. Carriers give you hands free mobility and the ergo baby 360 carrier is the most innovative out there in terms of style, versatility, functionality and comfort. The ergo baby 360 carrier also has lasting power. I carried my first up to 2.5 years old and my 20 month old still loves it. It comes in handy when we go grocery shopping (both babies can't sit in the shopping cart and that becomes a BIG problem); when we go to the mall I can leave the big double stroller at home, put one baby in the lighter umbrella stroller and one baby on my back and even on visits to the park or museum or simply to run errands. Did I also tell you that the ergo baby 360 allows for carrying baby on the hip? It also comes with an adjustable head support and is made with the best durable and lightweight fabric. As they get older you will appreciate the ability to carry them on your back. This works great when you are on the go and is much easier on you.

3. Proctor Silex Electric Kettle

After a couple months of using my bottle warmer, I was quickly over it. I don't know about you mommy's but bottle warmers were cumbersome and annoying to me. It just was not working out, so I went old school. Well sort of. This electric kettle, made bottle warming so much easier. The only caveat is it gets hot very quickly, so you literally only need 10 seconds on and off and your are ready to mix your baby's formula. Simple as 1, 2, 3. All in all, the electric kettle is a very convenient item for mom and baby.

4. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

So this was my don't-leave-home-without-it baby item. After throwing out the bottle warmer this became my go-to for feeding especially on-the-go.

What's great about this tommee tippee travel bottle and food warmer, is its thermal capability. I mean it really keeps liquids warm for long periods of time. The plastic cover is what converts this into the bottle warmer. Once you have mixed your baby's formula and you are ready for a feeding, simply pour the hot water into the flask, place the bottle into the water and allow the food to be warmed. As my girls got older, I began using the bottle itself to store pre-mixed formula for on the go. So it limited one part of the process. I simply poured the warm formula into the bottle and fed my baby.

5. A Changing Station As simple as this may sound, this is one of the things that became one of my best purchases. I grew to appreciate this purchase once I realized how convenient and helpful it was. I opted for a crib with a changing station, which worked out fantastically. In fact, I transitioned one baby out and another in, and my 20 month old still gets her diapers changed in it. It's not just for diaper changing though. It's where they got dressed, combed their hair and everything. If you don't want the huge crib and changer combo, you can opt for a compact stand alone changing station which works just as well. Most changing stations come with a changing pad and I purchased lots of different colors with cute designs to match the bedding and decor. Check out these items on amazon here.

Other baby accessories that came in handy!