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Product Review: The Best Body Shaper for Moms

If you read my blog post on "How to Lose the Baby Weight with No Exercise", you may have noticed I mentioned that wearing a belly band or waist trainer postpartum could really help with slimming the waist as well as lend much needed support to new mommies' soft abdomens after childbirth. I did however feel the need to specifically focus on the body shaper I use by creating this product review, just so that you can read for yourselves and see how great of a product I think this is. Like I had mentioned before, I have tried lots of body shapers. Most did not deliver and some were just ok and we both know that purchasing some of the more popular body shapers can mean spending a good chunk of cash. Never would I have thought that I could get the results I was looking for with this affordable body shaper but I did.

The Pros

- Quality material, 62% Nylon 37% Spandex

- 360 degrees of firm control

- Contains a hook and eye corset for maximum "squeeze" and boasts about three layers. So as your tummy trims you can adjust up to two more levels

- Allows flexibility and control by allowing you to wear your own bra

- Adjustable hook and eye allows you to adjust the wait for maximum hold and shaping of the waist

- Smooths out entire body including the back, hips, butt and thighs

- Comes in different colors to include black, nude and burgundy

- Lots of great verified purchase reviews which is how I was able to make the purchase in the first place. Be sure to check the amazon reviews on this body shaper.

- Did I mentions Affordable?!

The Cons

- The length is pretty long which means that you can only wear long maxi dresses and skirts and pants.

- Going to the bathroom can be a huge challenge!

- Be sure to buy your right size, this thing can really get tight!

Here are some other options that you can also explore below. Check them out as well. Or you can do as I did and buy a few and make a choice from there depending on which one meets your body shaping needs.

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