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Women’s Activewear Trends for 2018

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Every woman knows the importance of exercise, but every fashion-conscious woman knows the importance of looking good while doing it. In fact, did you know that athleisure activewear is becoming the new norm? Indulging in some kind of sports activity is considered pivotal by a majority of women in order to achieve a taut and shapely figure. To get the best results from your exercising routine however, you need to be careful with the type of clothing you choose for your workouts at the gym or any other sports or fitness activity you indulge in.

With many top brands contending to offer unique and fashionable fitness clothing, the options are innumerable when it comes to buying fashionable activewear or athleisure wear for women. Each year, new trends for fitness clothing are churned out to keep your wardrobes updated with show stopping activewear clothing pieces. Updating your wardrobe with trendy fitness clothing is a good way to get you in the mood for exercising. This year we have a whole new line of activewear and athelisure wear in a wide array of colors and cuts to give you a fresh new look. Let us take a look at the trends that are going to garner prominence in women's activewear in 2018.

Lighter Toned Colors

You have more color options this year as most leggings and fitness tops in greys, pastels, blues, oranges, nudes, beiges and other neon shades have replaced the standard black color. Most of these colors appear in ombre forms in contrasting shades. These colors are sure to add a fresh twist to your sports summer look. You can let your imagination guide you in buying your fitness gear in these summery tones to make a style statement.

High Tech Fabrics

The spotlight of this year's active wear will be high tech fabrics to meet various needs of fitness conscious women. Fabrics with temperature regulation ability and moisture wicking technology are going to be the highlight of the year. Some fabrics are designed to offer ultra violet protection to keep your skin safe in harsh summer sun. The stretchability of fabric used in activewear is a prime concern. Designers have brought fabrics with four way stretchability for extra comfort and fit. Luminoscity is another fabric feature that is making an appearance in fitness fashion. It gives a wonderful opaque finish to your outfits.

Block Print Patterns

Printed leggings are no longer in fashion as leggings with large block prints at specific points have replaced these. These prints are in the shape of single or double stripes or bands at the arms or legs in contrasting candy colours to give the outfit an outstanding sporty look. Leggings with flowery block print patterns at different locations are another interesting feature in women's active wear this summer. Choose only one clothing piece with block prints to highlight the pattern.

Bra Tops

A few years ago sports bras were an essential workout gear for women. This year these bras are replaced by bra tops which offer more coverage to your body than sports bras. These pieces come with in-built padding so you don't need to worry about wearing a sports bra underneath. These tops come in endless variety of cuts, shapes and patterns to make you look fashionable. Some tops even have tiny cut work motifs on the bands. These motifs are sure to appeal to all sorts of women.

Mesh Detailing

Mesh detailing is another prominent feature that is going to rule women's active wear this year. These small mesh cut outs at specific locations on your leggings and fitness tops enhance the breathability and give a new definition to your active wear. Leggings with mesh panels on thighs and calves will continue to make a regular appearance and this trend is going to stay for a while in the fitness fashion category.

Body Suits

Fitness body suits are an essential activewear or athleisure wear outfit that is needed in your closet. It superbly trims your body and is comfortable enough to adhere to different movements of your body. So, whether its aerobics, pilates or fitness dance you participate in, this outfit is great to enhance your performance and makes you feel energetic and lively. You can even wear it to go shopping, to the nail salon or to your kids soccer game. A body suit can be worn during other sports activities as well if you team it up with a long tee or a hoodie.


Sweat pants and track bottoms are outdated. It's the jogger that has fetched spotlight in this year's activewear and athliesure fashion for women. The cool sleek design of a jogger makes it an ultimate fashion staple for women, regardless of the occasion. This bottom wear comes in different fits and styles. The main attraction of these pants is the narrow hemline which perfectly suits colder months.

Cropped Jackets

Cropped sports jackets are catching up as the latest trend in summer activewear for women. These jackets are great to offer warmth on windy days. Wear these over your joggers, body suits or with bralettes and leggings to give your body additional coverage.

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