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Why You and Your Family Need an Essential Oil Humidifier Now!

If you live in cold temperature climates then you have to deal with heat in the home during the winter. Low humidity during winter months pulls moisture from the air and can leave your throat, nose and skin parched and dry. Turning up your thermostat also increases dust and pollen exposure which can lead to breathing problems, sinus issues and even asthma. From doing tons of research, I learned that a great way to add moisture back into the home is by using a good humidifier, but even better is using one that doubles as an essential oil diffuser. What is great about having this diffuser and humidifier in one is that not only does it return moisture to the air, but also wards off germs and viruses. Essential oils contain anti-microbial elements that trap pathogens before they can enter your body. I have been using this diffuser and humidifier for the last two months now and I have noticed that my 18 month old in particular no longer has dripping sinus and a stuffy crusty nose in the mornings. Other great benefits include helping with relaxation and better sleep at nights and serves as great aromatherapy. You should definitely give this a try! This particular model is great for small rooms, but if you have a larger room consider buying a larger one so that the mist can fill the room.

Amazon has some really attractive options and your essential oil humidifier can be a conversation piece in your home. Take a look at some of these best sellers.

Here are the essential oils you will need to keep around. See my previous post on which essentials oils are best for fighting germs and viruses, for coughs and colds and more. 500ml of water to 5 drops of essential oil is ideal. Check out www.upnature.com for how to use these essential oils safely.

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