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8 Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

So the big "love day" is around the corner again, can you believe it?! Jeez, time just keeps flying by. Nevertheless, whether you believe in love or not or you're a cynic like me (grin) Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to show the people you care about how much you love them. For me, that's my two girls Opal-Rose and Ruby-Rain. They may drive me crazy, but to wake up to them everyday has been a blessing and a joy. More than anything else I love reminding them each and every day how much they mean to me and how much they are loved. So for this Valentine's Day, I've curated a list of 8 ideas for you and your little ones to enjoy! (Check out my youtube video on Valentine's Day Ideas for the Entire Family)

1. Personalized Canvas Photo Collage by CanvasPop

This is the best photo gift option for you and the kids. What I love about CanvasPop is that I can finally figure out a fun and creative way to utilize all the beautiful photos I have of myself and the kids. The photo collage is a great family gift that you can display in the home or in the kids' room. This gift is American Made with 100% love guaranteed!

2. Meaningful Jewelry

If you have little girls, who love to be "girlie" like I do, then this cute rhinestone charm necklace set on amazon would make you the best mom ever! Choose from various rhinestone colors and styles. If you are an amazon prime member you can purchase just in time for Valentine's Day.

3. Valentine's Day Fashion

This cute dabbing puppy tee is perfect for the fun-loving kid. Parents can buy their own to match too!

I found this cute dress and stockings on H&M decked with little hearts. Accessorize your little Princess' Valentine's Day outfit with these beauties and make dressing up fun on love day.

4. Personalized "I Love You So Much" Storybook

Reading to your kids is sets them up to succeed and develops their language skills. That's why I love the idea of this personalized storybook as a great Valentine's Day gift for your kids. Each book comes with your child's name incorporated into the story plus your own personalized message. Story time will never be the same!

5. Bearable Huggable Valentine's Day Gift Box for Kids

I found this super Valentine's Day basket on the englishteastore.com and simply fell in love with this gift basket. I mean it is filled with everything every kids love, from a plush toy, to candy, chocolate, games and activity books what more could a kid want right?!

6. Create Your Own Valentine's Day Cards Together

Nothing says "I love you" more than spending time together with your kids. One of the activities my mom did with us as kids was arts and craft especially for special occasions such as this. It doesn't require much, just a few tools here and there and some quality time set aside. Watch my You can also buy a set of paint or washable finger paint for younger kids and show them how to create little hearts on paper that they can share with family members such as grandma or grandpa and even their friends. Valentines Day Video Here for some ideas.

7. Bake a Special Cake

Nothing says "celebrate" more than cake and kids love cake especially cupcakes. Purchase some heart-shaped cupcake pans and get baking!. Amazon has lots of choices and here is a direct link to my favorite.

If your kids are 5 years and older, amazon also has a 10 Piece Little Cook Silicone Baking Set. Help your little chef in the making bake their own cupcakes for Valentines Day.

8. Heart Shaped Pizza Bites

These are by far my favorite. Last Valentine's Day my kids went crazy for these pizza bites. Let them join in on the baking fun if they are old enough to be in the kitchen. This is a great way to turn family dinner into Valentine's Day fun!. See video here.

Yes I made these!. See instructions in my Valentine's Day Video Here


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