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5 Best Nude Lipsticks for Dark Skinned Mamas

Nude lips have an understated beauty and allure. That must be why it is still a trendy makeup look for all women. I chose to focus on dark-skinned women for this post, because it is particularly challenging for us black girls to find the right nude shades that actually match our skin color, so that we can pull off the perfect nude look. This post will therefore focus on "nudies" from my very own lipstick collection and where you can get your own.

So a bit of background, lighter skinned women, pulling off the nude look is so easy, simply because there are so many shades and colors to choose from. To pull off the perfect nude look for someone of this complexion requires sporting pink and peach toned colors. Darker skinned women on the other hand, have limited options when it comes to nude colors that actually match our skin tones. For darker skinned girls, using brown and mocha hues are best, but it is also possible to pull it off with certain pink hues and still achieve the perfect "nude effect".

Here are 5 of my favorite "nudies", which I highly recommend you explore!

"Salem" by Limecrime

A rich, dark brown, matte lipstick that will have heads turning. At least that's what always happens to me when I wear it! LOL. It is by far my most favorite go-to "nudie". Depending on how dark your skin tone is, it may be appear brighter or darker. It goes on wet, but dries in a beautifully smooth matte. A little pricey, but well worth it at $20

Purchase Here

"Praline" by e.l.f.

This is one of my favorite pink nude lipsticks. Though it has a pinkish hue it really gives that flat nude look. Unlike the Limecrime lipsticks this one goes on very matte and stays matte. Did I mention that this is a very affordable brand?

Purchase Here

"Lingerie No. 05" by NYX

This is one of the most beautiful brown colors I have tried in a long time. This gives a very deep brown smooth, matte look as well. I like adding a little shimmer to this look by using a brownish-sheer shimmery gloss over it. Check out the lip color below for more details on how to pull off the shimmer nude look.

Purchase Here

A73 Tortoise by NK

This lip gloss is the perfect addition to your lipstick collection. Though it can be worn on its own, it works perfectly over brown nude lipsticks (as shown above) and adds a sexy, shimmery shine.

Purchase Here

"JUJU" Matte by Bare Minerals

For those of you who prefer a little more pop with your "nudies" this JuJu color by Bare Minerals may be your answer. With a bit more of a pinkish hue, this matte lipstick is thick, so use sparingly and build depending on the look you are going for. If you want a bit more definition lining the lips with a brown liner is your best option. See purchase link on amazon below. You will find it the cheapest here with FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime.

Purchase Here


"Blame Game" by Trust Fund Beauty

Nude doesn't always have to be matte. Use this sheer lip gloss to give your nude look a bit of shine. Trust Fund Beauty is a pretty new beauty line and offers a variety of seasonal lip colors and nail polish on their site. It was pretty difficult to find, but was able to find it available on amazon. Go check it out!

Purchase Here

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