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The Best Summer Denim | Post Baby Body & Self Care

Hello Moms!

I am so excited to share this fashion video with you today! It's been a year and two months since I gave birth to my second daughter. With everything that has been going on I have had no time to exercise or get into a fitness regimen. However, I have been very focused on eating healthy. I am also under a considerable amount of LESS STRESS!. Today, I am super happy with the way my body looks. I have begun to feel like my old self again.

So ladies, give your bodies time to adjust after giving birth. I can't tell you how important this is!. It is challenging enough being a full-time mom so anything and anyone that does not positively add to your life and overall well-being MUST be removed. Self-care is so important when you are a mom. How can you be there for your children and/or the people you love if you are not healthy? It's just not possible. So take care of you and engage in activities that bring you nothing but joy and peace.

I created this video for Voguish Fashion Boutique. I just Loved! how these jeans fit. High waist cuts look great on me and are very flattering on just about any body shape. The frays and fish net really add an edge to this look. Of course this season is all about the shoulders and I am showing mine off for sure here!

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Denim Jeans from Voguish Fashion

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