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Antibiotics and Your Baby: Dangers and Symptoms to Look Out For: Natural Remedies

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I know this has happened to many of us. Your kids get sick and the pediatrician prescribes your little delicate angel antibiotics, then the unthinkable happens. Body rash, fever or God forbid you find out your child is allergic. The side effects of antibiotics can be severe and can be a steep price to pay in order to cure ailments like ear infections. In my case my youngest daughter experienced body rash and yeast (thrush in the mouth and her groin area). It is sometimes very difficult to tell the difference between a diaper rash and a rash caused by yeast (a common side effect of antibiotics). If you find that the rash will not go away, in fact it seems to be getting worse take your child to the pediatrician immediately. They will most likely prescribe a low dose steroid cream but I tried organic coconut oil and have found that this always does the trick. It is natural and harmless to your child. You can use it as you would A+D or Aquaphor.

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